Gamarjobat, a silent comedy duo, start the brand new project, “THE GAMARJOBAT COMPANY.”
At THE GAMARJOBAT COMPANY, professional stage artists are going to create and perform pantomime-based comedy works.
GAMARJOBAT has been performing silent comedy shows developed by members of Gamarjobat, Ketch! and HIRO-PON.
They have been working on the regular Japan tour every year. They have been invited to hold a lot of stages overseas.
They are performing everywhere in the world today.
In 2010, they started “GAMARJOBAT Project,” where they tried creating some large scale performance with a number of people.
This project disclosed plenty of potential.
Totally new story and performance came true on stage with other actors, which has never been done before with only two people.
The project soon made Gamarjobat confident enough to build a brand new ‘silent comedy company’
for the first time in the world and hold a world tour.
Proudly they take the next step in Autumn 2014.
With selected members from GAMARJOBAT Project, they form a company of professional pantomime and silent comedy performers.
HIRO-PON and Ketch! from Gamarjobat, MASA and hitoshi from GABEZ, and Kadoya and Hamaguchi from the project.
The company starts with these six performers.
Not as HIRO-PON and Ketch! Of Gamarjobat, but they are now as one single actors.
MASA and hitoshi also join the company as their own, not as members of GABEZ.
That is the meaning and the resolution of THE GAMARJOBAT COMPANY.
In 2015, starting at the KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Hall on April 3rd, THE GAMARJOBAT COMPANY 1st JAPAN TOUR
will be on the road, until July at the THE GALAXY THEATRE.
Come and witness the new aspect of silent comedy by THE GAMARJOBAT COMPANY !!

THE GAMARJOBAT COMPANY producer, Kazuhiro Kumade


We ‘6’ are going to dive into the world,
regardless of borders and language barriers.

I started pantomime because I can do it by myself.
I never imagined performing it with somebody else,
but that actually made a lot of things possible.
More I perform in Gamarjobat, more I fascinated with pantomime and its potential.
THE GAMARJOBAT COMPANY consists of 6 people.
I don’t believe ‘6’ is greater than ‘2’, in the meanings of acting.
But we all know a baseball team needs ‘9’ and a football team needs ‘11’.
Then, there is a kind of pantomime performance which needs ‘6’.
Now I can easily imagine that will create a stage we have never seen before.
Like a pitcher allures a double play, rather than gets a strikeout by himself.
Like a striker gets a goal after an assist, rather than by a penalty kick.
Such fine team plays will come true on stage with ‘6’ actors.
Just like the Beatles made the great piece of work “All You Need Is Love” by ‘4’ of them.
Just like ‘5’ heroes in the television saved the world against evils.
We ‘6’ are going to dive into the world, regardless of borders and language barriers.  







Masashi Kadoya